To keep your shoes in good condition for a long time is necessary to good care and cleaning. Depending on the type of material, we follow these guidelines;



For cleaning use a special brush for suede or nubuck and remove the existing dirt.

Then apply special protective spray.



When dirt is produced by dust or dirt, employing specific metallic brush bristle brush before and in the direction of the hair. If the shoe made of suede gets wet, let him dry out of direct light and heat funetes. Then fill with paper to absorb excess moisture.



To clean surface dirt, use a damp cloth. Then apply cream conditioner to nourish the skin (creams colorless or specific bitumens) and let dry. Brush the shoe with a clean cloth to polish.

If the shoe gets wet, let it dry first, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Then fill with paper to absorb excess moisture and make the cleaning steps above.



To remove dust or dirt employ specific bristle brush or special rubber. It is suitable for this type of skin apply a protector against stains as any liquid percolating between the fibers will be harder to remove.